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Our Founder

Meet our CEO and President, Marina and Alex created Bean Bottle out of a passion for preserving the natural environment which is where they are the happiest.

Marina is an avid coffee drinker who loves seeking out the best coffee shops around, she is one of those “I need my coffee before you can talk to me” type of people but once she gets some caffeine in her system is unstoppable. With her strong education and passion for learning anything and everything, Marina packs a one two punch by applying her book smarts & artistic right brain to any task that comes her way.

Alex is the glue that holds the company together. When it comes to any part of our work that involves communication, logistics and strategy you can be sure to find Alex at the forefront. As the left brain of Bean Bottle, he has an intrinsic capability to jump from a creative to an analytical perspective. Between his time as an athlete, renowned coach and his experience in the world, he’s developed a results-driven mentality that reflects in each of the strategies he builds, executes, and manages.

Meet Chaysen Beacham, the eye behind the image of Bean Bottle. From campaign conceptualizations to producing content, you can be sure that Chaysen’s heart and soul is poured into everything he does. As a co-owner, Chaysen’s desire is to combine his creativity and adaptability as a Film and Television Producer to the likes of coffee aficionados around the world.

“Bean Bottle is the evolution of latte art” - Chaysen


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