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Showcase your brand on a Bean Bottle to sustainably highlight your company’s vision.

“CoBranding with Bean Bottle will allow your company to be showcased on our 18oz reusable glass bottle--make an impact in more ways than one”

- Marina S.


Designed for a lifetime of use - the smartest choice for people and planet.

Retail Impact

A single Bean Bottle creates a dramatic environmental impact by reducing waste from non-recyclable disposable coffee cups. Once Bean Bottle is integrated into your customer's routine, the impact keeps growing. One order can create lasting change for the environment and your customers. 

Corporate Impact

Each order significantly reduces the footprint of corporate wastes which provides a significant and measurable positive impact for any business. 

Why Bean Bottle

Waste from coffee cups contributes by being the second-largest producer of litter waste after plastic bottles. Further, disposable coffee cups, which look like they are made of paper, have been found to be coated with plastics that do not break down and are damaging to the environment. For this reason these cups cannot be recycled. With about 50 MILLION disposable cups used in the metro area alone, this is a huge problem, one that we are trying to solve by entering the market as an alternative to such damaging cups.


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