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Look Good. Do Good.

For Bean Bottle, there is beauty in simplicity and beauty in sustainability. Our reusable glass coffee bottle provides all three; beauty, simplicity and sustainability. Our elegant sleeve designs elevate your daily coffee experience while our clear glass bottle, allows you to see the beauty in your daily pour.
With each caffeine fix, you will be able to observe the glory of your beverage of choice--the stunning mix of espresso and cream, a matcha latte or a black americano. Bean Bottle will complement your daily ritual over and over again.

Refuse all plastic.
Stop disposable waste.

98% of coffee cups end up in the trash and are frequently deemed non-recyclable due to the plastic coating that waterproofs the paper. With baristas around the world, we have come to see coffee’s artform be marred by trash.
We created Bean Bottle so your caffeine experience can match the beauty of its craft. Take solace knowing that your bottle empowering you to remove single-use waste and plastic from daily life. Bean Bottle is a product for the people and the planet, creating beauty and style without compromising health or the natural environment.

Born from a desire to to better

In 2020, Bean Bottle was created as a vision for individuals to enjoy caffeine while encouraging beauty all around. With the Planet in mind, our mission is to keep the environment free of waste from disposable drinkware one Bean Bottle at a time. We strive to develop and produce admired and fashionable drinking bottles while providing a premium solution to plastic and single use waste.


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